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Rotary heat exchanger is composed of alveolate heat wheel, case, drive system and sealing parts. The exhaust and outdoor air pass through half of the wheel separately, when the wheel rotates, the heat and moisture are exchanged between the exhaust and outdoor air. The energy recovery efficiency is up to 70% to 90%. Entering the cold air half

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Rotary wheel heat exchanger - Eri Corporation S.r.l. Rotary heat exchanger is regenerative type of air to air heat exchanger with diameter from 250 mm up to 5000 mm. Made with aluminum to reach above 85% efficiency. Certification. Technical drawing. Download software.

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Exchanger Models. Heatex rotary heat exchangers provide very high sensible and latent efficiencies. Models with casing are fitted with seals for excellent airtightness and can be equipped with purge sectors to minimize the cross-contamination of exhaust air into the …

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Hoval rotary heat exchangers are regenerators with rotating heat carrier for use in air handling systems and process technology. Depending on the air conditions and condition of the storage mass, they not only transfer heat but also moisture.

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Rotary heat-exchangers are produced from alternate layers of plain and corrugated 70 µm thickness aluminum foil. 3 different wave heights available: Rotors are reinforced by means of aluminum spokes and external rotor shell. Rotor axis equipped with durable bearings (4, 5 pictures). 2.1 mm 2 pic. 3 pic.

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GENERAL DESCRIPTION The rotary heat exchangers have a rotating heat wheel. The accumulating mass rotates permanently between the warm extract and the cold intake air flows. During rotation of the heat exchanger the extract air heat is absorbed with the cold intake flow. Heat recovery efficiency reaches 85 %. DESIGN The rotary heat exchanger has […]


Rotary heat exchangers offer high efficiency in a compact design and often provide the best return on investment.

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plate heat exchanger HRE series. liquid/liquid pressure rotary. plate heat exchanger. HRE series. Temperature: 5 °C - 50 °C. Power: 20,000 W - 100,000 W. ... day to day operation and low maintenance ensure that our benchtop heat exchangers are lab-efficient and user-friendly. About Benchtop Heat Exchangers Our Benchtop ... Compare this ...

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Rotary regenerative heat exchangers are used for heat recovery, and are designed to transfer heat (non-hygroscopic version), or to transfer humidity (hygroscopic version) while simultaneously maintaining the ability to transfer heat from the outlet air to the inlet air. The heat or humidity transfer takes place in the rotor, one half of which reaches into the hot outlet air

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Rotary heat exchangers have a wheel-like construction. which is why they are also known as heat wheels or simply rotors. Made of aluminum foils, the wheels feature countless small channels through which the air flows and transfers it´s heat to this storage mass.